Newcastle – No Bollocks

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Look out Stella, it appears that Newcastle and its agency Droga5 have its sights set on you, particularly your recent “It’s a chalice, not a glass” tagline. The import brew is attempting to take some of the arrogance, and in turn allure, away from is rival by asking a simple, but very applicable question – who the heck uses the word chalice? Unless I am reenacting scenes from Braveheart, I’ve never ordered a “chalice” of anything. That could be because they don’t sell Coors Light in chalices, but still, a great way to immediately take the wind out of Stella’s sails. I’ll admit that I liked the air of superiority that the “Chalice” campaign created for Stella, but I like the shot to the gut by Newcastle even more.

Happy Monday dudes.

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Brackets By Six Year Olds – Final Four Update

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Words of wisdom and late breaking news from the six year olds.

See how your bracket is doing here.

Angry Birds Overtake Space Needle

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Rovio, the developer behind the Angry Birds phenomenon, partnered with T-Mobile to turn Seattle’s Space Needle into a giant, real-life slingshot for a one of their angriest of birds. The installation is a promotion for the latest spin on the franchise, Angry Birds Space, which, since Thursday, has already attracted 10 million downloads. Would have loved to see if they could have mechanized it to fly up and down the Needle, and maybe take out the Fish Market.

Awesome Lego Campaign

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But is it too hard to “get”? Do you get it? By German advertising agency Jung von Matt

A few more examples here.

The Pitch

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Looking to strike while the advertising iron is hot, AMC is continuing its theme of advertising-related programming with the launch of a new reality TV series, The Pitch. The Pitch is a modern-day, reality-based series that pits two shops head-to-head each week as they have 7 days to prepare for and pitch a new client. From the same network that brought Mad Men, and the producers of Undercover Boss, the series has great potential to highlight the organized chaos that is compiling a new business pitch at an agency. My curiosity, though, is who they are targeting. Will anyone outside the industry have enough interest to hold the show through a season (or multiple)? And do ad people want to leave the madness of their job (no pun intended), just to go home and watch programming about how crazy they are?

Happy 100th Birthday, Grand Central

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Yesterday, The Grand Central bureau launched the logo for the 100th anniversary of the historic station. It features the famous Tiffany clock from the main concourse, displaying 7:13 or 19:13 — the year the station opened. The official dedication will take place on February 1, 2013 and for 12 months the words “100 Years” will sit under the logo.

Beautifully subtle, or underwhelming?

The Maddest of All Mad Men

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Before entertaining generations with his literature and illustrations as Dr. Suess, Theodore Seuss Geisel was illustrating ads for Ford, GE and NBC campaigns. Dating back to 1927, after graduating from Oxford, he worked as a cartoonist (shockingly) until his cartoons were picked up by an advertising agency. His agency success fueled his passion of animations and writing, eventually breaking through with a publisher and beginning his legendary career. Amazing to see these early ads, and his styling which so evidently carried over to his books.

See more amazing samples here.

Music Video Awesomeness

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Can’t say I dig techno/house/trance/electronica/whatever the kids call it these days, but I dig the video.

Saving the world, one beer at a time.

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