BK $1 Holidays, for when you care that little

More “interesting” work coming from CP+B this holiday season. Burger King’s latest dollar-menu promotion is right up the alley of anyone who enjoys giving fast-food for the holidays. At BKDollarHolidays.com, you can pay $1 to send a card with an actual, genuine U.S. dollar inside to the people you care about just a little. (That’s not just how you or they will will feel receiving the $1 gift. The site says the card “lets them know you almost care.”)  Now, BK just has to hope that all those dollars will be redeemed for something off their menus. Maybe they could stamp the bill with “only redeemable and BK locations”, kind of like how Fiji water bottles can only be refilled with Fiji water. There’s even a commercial with a creepy guy in a holiday turtleneck delivering them to his “acquaintances”.


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