The 2009 Digital Hotlist

Presented by MediaWeek, this is a list of the fastest growing digital advertising mediums within the last year. Some of the growth numbers are astounding considering that most of the mediums are simply websites started by individuals or small groups of people, yet are now not only the fastest growing online forums, but some of the fastest growing BRANDS in existence today. Expect many of these names to be leading the way for advertising’s recovery from the recent recession.

1. Facebook – From the dorm room to the billionaires club

– Unique U.S. audience doubled to 94 million – Time spent per user a month crossed 3 hours, up 13 percent – Passed 300 million members – Expecting $500 million in revenue and now cash flow positive.

2. Hulu – Online TV will never work…HA!

– Reaches around 40 million users – Estimates that the site will bring in $75 million–$100 million in revenue this year.

3. Twitter – Celebrities are being forced to have no-Twitter clauses in contracts!

– U.S. users reached 20.9 million, more than 17 times its base a year earlier –
One in five Americans now Tweet

4. Google – Not every brand becomes its own verb

– Search share at 65 percent – Nearly $6 billion in Q3 revenue and $1.6 billion in net income – Poised to stake pole position in mobile advertising with Android mobile operating system.

5. The iPhone – Now you can be advertised to in the palm of your hand!

– Sold over 30 million iPhones and iPod Touch, and users have downloaded over 1.5 billion applications – App platform has spawned an estimated $2.4 billion in sales – Release of the iPhone 3GS paves the way for greater corporate adoption

6. Huffington Post – Lets see how long they can ride the Obama election train

– Audience jumped 52 percent in August to 7.8 million readers – HuffPo launched several local versions (Denver, New York) and new sections in past year (print).

7. Bing – Microsoft finally gets a search engine right

– Search share 9.4 percent, up from 8.5 percent in ’08 – Deal with Twitter and Facebook shows it can compete in race to own social search.

8. – The online printed press is thriving…well alive at least

– Users rose by 44 percent to 6.6 million viewers this year

9. The Federated Media – teaching brands how to use social media

– Reps over 100 social media properties reaching 27 million users – Has more than $50 million in venture backing.

10. – Didn’t see this one coming, did ya!

– Reached 15 million unique users in July (+47 percent year-to-date), users averaged 58 minutes (+116 percent) >  Third largest gaming site


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