The Bladeless Fan

Before even talking about it, watch how people reacted to seeing it for the first time…

The video above, which was posted to the Dyson site, shows focus-group participants’ incredulous reactions to something Dyson is releasing. This is how the company puts it: “Now we’ve turned our attention to another familiar device—and made it work better by removing something you might have thought was essential.” Without further adue, the Dyson bladeless, cordless fan.

FanDyson unveils the Air Multiplier, the world’s first bladeless fan. Available in 10-inch ($300) or 12-inch ($330) models, this gadget “has no blades, but instead uses a unique technology to multiply air, expelling 119 gallons of smooth and uninterrupted air every second.” A team of fluid dynamics engineers spent four years running hundreds of simulations to precisely measure and optimize the machine’s circular aperture and airfoil-shaped ramp before perfecting Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology.

fan 2Read the full article about its release here, or visit the Dyson website to learn more.


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