What the Rudd is this all about?

This spot, created by a private group called Republic of Everyone, is directed at the prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd. In it, the group is asking Rudd not to do a “dirty deal” at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. If he is to do said “dirty deal”, referring to his decision-making on limiting pollution output of major producers in Australia, his very name will become a dirty word. The four-letter, one syllable “Rudd” works well in such a threat, particularly when uttered by the devastated women reading the pregnancy test (“Oh, Rudd”) and the unseen hotel patrons (“Rudd me hard!”). Personally, I would think it’d be pretty cool to have my name enshrined in profanity, but “Woodruff yourself!” does not quite roll off the tongue. Oh well, what the Rudd.


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