So you want to make an App for your brand?

Several things one should remember in order to make it successful in integrating your brand into the life of an iPhone or Blackberry user, as discussed on

  • Apps must be real-time – In this day and age, with the technology available, the point of having an app on your device is to eliminate the need to wait for news, scores, or updates. It is a race to get  the user updated before they get to a TV or computer, and if you don’t win that race, you are dead.
  • Make it easy for consumers to pay – Take advantage of proven, tested companies like Pay-Pal and Verizon billing to handle the transactions that accompany buying an App. Makes things easier for you and the consumer.
  • Integrate feedback quickly – People like to know that their voices are being heard. Let people point out the flaws in your App, then let them know once they have been fixed.
  • This is not the wired web – So there is no need to bombard consumers with ads. You are working with a very small screen here, don’t overcrowd it.
  • People will pay for value… – if you can prove that the App will deliver value and really make their lives easier.
  • But free works to drives sales for your endemic product – If you are trying to sell a product through the use of an App, don’t make consumers pay twice. The paint company Benjamin Moore provided a free paint-matching App in which you could take a picture with your device and match any color in it to a paint sample in the App database, then get directed to a retailer that sold their product. Sales have skyrocketed since the launch of the App.
  • Apps need to be part of an integrated message –If you are making an App to strengthen your brand or campaign, don’t just make an App to make an App. Make sure it serves a brand purpose.
  • Utility, frequency and viral distinguish long-term success – For apps to become a successful business, they need to provide instant utility, have a high frequency of use and encourage word of mouth and network pass-along.
  • People find apps through other people – The only successful way to market an App up to this point has been through word-of-mouth. So make sure yours is worth talking about.
  • Use existing assets to market your app – Tell your current customer base about the launch of your App. After all, you are doing so to make their lives easier.
  • App marketing needs to be targeted – There are over 50,000 Apps available today. Make yours unique, distinguished, and specific to a particular target.
  • Don’t discount the iPod Touch – Not only phones can get Apps anymore. IPod Touch users download 16.4 free apps and two paid apps per month; the average iPhone user downloads 7.6 free and 2.6 paid apps.

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