Protestors Hang On as Pittsburgh Braces for G-20 Summit


Leaders representing 90 percent of the world’s economic output gathered Thursday and Friday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  a U.S. city that has reinvented itself, hoping to bolster the global economy. The Group of 20 will meet for two days to focus on the worldwide financial crisis, and plot how to avoid a repeat of the recent recession in the future. protest

Not everyone was as excited as city officials and President Obama, preparing to host his first major international conference, however. As the leaders headed to Pittsburgh, four people attached to a massive banner dangled from a Pittsburgh bridge Wednesday to protest the global economic meeting. Greenpeace, the environmental activist group, claimed responsibility for the stunt. On its Web site, the group said it wanted to send a message to G-20 leaders with the nearly 80-by-30-foot sign, calling for more attention to the issue of global climate change. While Greenpeace boasts purely non-violent protest, other activist groups are not nearly as subtle or unabrasive about their intentions.



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