40 Best Beverage Bottle Designs

The Dieline, a leading packaging design firm, has put together a list of the top 40 bottles packaged this year. Pretty fascinating to see which made the cut and to compare the major labels to those you may never had heard of. The Dieline is compiled of marketing, advertising, and packaging (yes its own profession) professionals and experts responsible for some of the most creative and innovative product packaging on the market now and throughout history. Each year they rank various categories, including general products, electronics, sporting apparel, and in this case beverages. Here is a sampling of the beverages that made the cut this year. Interesting to note that no alcoholic beverages make the list; guess they don’t have to try as hard. And the top 40 includes:

A couple old rivals duking it out;


The craze for green packaging pushed a couple beverages atop the list;

box waterpaper bottle

The push for a healthier lifestyle has boosted a few package designs up into contention;

healthyhealthy 4

Proof that the stranger the bottle, the better the chance that you will get noticed;


And never to be out-done, bottled water will always be fancy!

water 1water 2water 3

To see the rest of the entries into the Top 40, click here: http://www.thedieline.com/blog/2009/09/50-favorite-beverage-designs.html


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