Hitler reacts to…

Who would have thought Hitler would be the next Youtube celebrity?

Perhaps the most unlikely star of online videos these days is Adolph Hitler, or at least an actor playing him. The joke is simple: Get a clip of from the 2004 movie Downfall, in which Bruno Ganz as Hitler throws a tantrum in German, and superimpose subtitles about the news of the day. There are a ton of variations on the “Hitler is pissed” genre. These videos can touch on any topic, and the best part is, the subtitles can say whatever the creater wants. From Hitler finding out he did not get the new iPhone 3G, to Obama beating McCain for president, to getting banned from XBox live, each is funnier and more clever than the last. And the best part is, the videos are more current than the daily news. Videos exist for the death of Michael Jackson, Kanye West interupting Taylor Swift at the VMA’s and Virginia Tech beating Nebraska this weekend. There are even videos in which Hitler realized that someone is messing with his subtitles and that he has become a joke on Youtube.

 In the YouTube age, if Hitler is pissed at you, you know you’ve made an impact.


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